Rice Terraces or bust!

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China

I’d like to think that this blog is for the most part an insight into what I am doing here, as well as some feelings that I experience. With that being sad, today is pretty boring. Last night there was a big thunder and lighting storm and we awoke to a good amount of rain this morning. We didn’t have to meet for rock climbing today until 12:30, so I went downtown to pick up some hiking pants and get a quick bite to eat at Lucy’s.

Isabella came downstairs while I was eating and informed me that rock climbing was cancelled because of the rain. I’m really starting to hate the rain and clouds here! Ruined my day! We opted not to make other plans. Mostly because there really isn’t a lot to do here indoors. I used the time to edit some photos and catch up on other random tasks. Hopefully we will be able to climb tomorrow.

Wednesday we will be leaving for Guilin then go to the rice terraces. The weather is supposed to be better up there and I really hope that is the case. We will be hiking for 3 days, so no internet. I will take my computer with me so I can write at night. This weekend I will spend in Guilin. A new group also arrives this Saturday, but I will not be staying with them for long. They will go to Fengyang village and I will be in Yangshou.

I am supposed to rock climb a few days next week, then do tai chi. I may pass on the tai chi and try to do some extra climbing. After that I go to an orphanage for a week in Hunan province, then to Chengdu for my final week with Greenway. After that I am going to Yantai in the central east part of China. It is on the coast, so it will be good to see completely different scenery.

It’s a funny thing, I really like to keep busy all of the time and when I’m not, I get really bored and a little lazy. That being said, time to eat!

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  1. >Damn those clouds!! Hope they clear out so you all can enjoy the outdoors before you leave for another adventure. & thanks for the luck. I shall take it for all it's worth.

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