Our Little Town Called Phrae

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand 

Not much is new this week. Joey and I stayed in our town this weekend. We are finally starting to get into a routine now. Can you believe we have already been here one month? Crazy! This weekend we went exploring on our motor bike though the mountains. It was very beautiful and peaceful. Not much of a community in the mountains, but few people do live there. We came across a giant waterfall that a bunch of Thai people were swimming in, so we joined in! Neither of us had ever actually hiked across or through a waterfall before, so that was very exciting for us. We took a ton of pictures that I can’t wait to share.

Last night our friends from the UK invited us over for a BBQ. We each brought our own food, prepared and cooked it. It was the first time Joey and I have cooked here, because we don’t have a kitchen. It felt great to cook and eat something different besides rice and meat. I love the food here, but I am having trouble with the variety. I worry about gaining weight because rice is served with every meal. If you don’t eat the rice you basically go hungry because it is the main filler of the meal. Thai people are not afraid to tell you if they think you are fat. LOL. We get told we are so beautiful and then at the same time, they poke our stomachs and laugh!

Tonight we are going to a different friends house for dinner. Our Thai friends Joom and Kiw, the couple that we met, offered to have us over to their parents place for a big meal! We are very excited because they normally cook for us when we are with them and they cook some of the best food we have had so far! I am really happy we met them. They are so nice and generous and love to talk to Americans! Joom speaks English fairly well and Kiw is learning. It’s nice because we teach them English while they teach us Thai!

That is all I have to update you with so far. I am happy I have got to speak to most of you on Skype! Lots of love to everyone!

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