Oh, Crazy Russians…

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China

Good weekend! Yesterday, we went to the schoolhouse and administered tests for the students of the English program. The room that Kristin and I were in was wicked hot! I had to go back to my room and change my shirt mid way through the test. Once finished with that, we corrected them. The exams I corrected were not that great, but good considering the children’s age. It wasn’t bad. After getting lunch, we went back and got our class assignments. I have possibly the best classes. In the morning I am teaching classes 6 and 8. The higher the number, the more English the students know. Class 10 is the highest. In the afternoon, I am teaching an oral English class, then a “picture dictionary” class. I will have to find out more about that class later.

Once we got our assignments, we met up with the Russians, another American, and a guy from Italy to go play volleyball. My team won and I easily scored the most points with my impeccable serving. On the winning point, I hammered the serve, and the girl that tried to hit it hurt her wrist. I did feel bad for her, but she was Russian, and I had to represent.

After volleyball, we went to the beach and hit the ball around some more. We drew a pretty big crowd. Once we tired of hitting the ball, we all went swimming. The water really isn’t that bad here. It might be a bit polluted, but it is pretty warm.

Once evening came around, the Russians, the Americans, the Italian, and new weekend addition, LaWanda (spelling?) from England went to a club. We seemed to be the life of the party. A Chinese guy kept pouring me shots of Johnnie Walker Black mixed with tea. They were actually pretty good, and very weak on the alcohol, which I was more than happy with. Later, after he left, the others told me they all thought he “liked” me. I’m not sure about that, but that would explain why he wanted to dance near me.

The rest of the night was filled with a lot of dancing. LeWanda and I were ready to leave around 2. The other American girls had already left and the Russians were still going strong. When we walked out of the club it was raining very hard. After a wet walk to the taxi pick up area, we got a ride back. Unfortunately, he dropped us off at the east gate, which is the only one I had never been to. After a long wet walk, we made it back and I went to bed.

Today, we got to the school at 9:30 to do introductions with the students. On account of the rain, only a few showed up, so it was canceled. That meant that I did not have to hula hoop in front of 200 people. Needless to say, I wasn’t too disappointed.

Later, we played more volleyball. LaWanda had never seen the Hangover, so we watched that. After, her and Sean, another American, went back to the town were they teach about a half hour away. Hung out with the Russians, and now I’m off to bed!


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