Caving or Spelunking?

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China

Today was pretty exciting. We started off getting our bikes ready after breakfast. Before we left it started raining, so change of plans. We ended up taking the bus to downtown and caught another bus to some caves that were about 15 minutes out of town. All of the caves that I’ve been to here have these crazy neon lights that make all my pictures crap. Don’t get me wrong the, the caves are absolutely amazing. I think they could just turn it down a notch. I did get some good group shots though, so I am happy about that.

When we got back it was time for lunch. We were supposed to go to another ancient town after, but that was cancelled for reasons unknown to me. We decided to head out to a small beach outside of town on the Li River. We road bikes there and mine was a little less than I am used to in the quality department. It turned to be pretty beautiful. We went for a swim even though I was very apprehensive. Other people were there swimming and they seemed to be fine. I’m always cautious about the pollution here. The water turned out to be great, and we ended up playing card games for a couple hours.

On the way back Hughie had a flat tire and my chain kept falling off. The others road back with out us and we slowly made our way back to the school. After dinner we headed downtown and I got a pizza. I wasn’t really in the mood for rice and veggies tonight, so I just had a small plate at the school. It started raining pretty much right as we left to catch the bus and well, it’s still raining.

Chris and I met a couple at the pizza place and they were originally from Miami, but have been working in the Philippines for the past two years. She was basically a diplomat, but it’s a program that only sends people to embassies in developing countries. We all talked for a while then they went over to Mimosa’s with us to hang out. We also met a group that was at Monkey Jane’s Saturday. They had spent the day climbing, so we all sat together chatting. After talking for a while Chris left and it was just myself and the couple there. They wanted me to show them how to use their SLR camera. I sat with them for about 45 minutes going over all sorts of stuff. I’m to the point that if you don’t have an interest in shooting in other than auto, don’t buy an SLR. Just get a really nice point and shoot. My parent’s for example just purchased a Canon G11 which is a great user friendly camera that takes amazing pictures… Just a little advice. For the record, the did want to learn. After that, the two Swedes met up with me and we got Chris on the way home at the internet café. We walked back in pouring rain. Now there is thunder and lighting, and I’m going to bed…


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