Captain’s Log

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China

Still raining… We were suppose to ride bikes out to Dragon Bridge today, but that has been cancelled. We may go this afternoon. It is actually pretty nice because I have to catch up on editing photos. In other news, Percy, our Chinese guide’s grandma is sick and probably not going to make it much longer so he is going home for three weeks. He will leave today and this will be the last time we see him. This means that the trekking week that was planned for next week has been pretty much cancelled. We will still go see the rice terraces, but we will be rock climbing Monday and Tuesday. No complaints from me on that one. I really am just taking everything as it comes on this trip, and I think that is the best attitude to have.

Last night I went downtown to get a better internet connection, which ended up not being the case. After struggling to load any pics, I decided to talk to a few French guys that ended up being tres cool. One of them was named guillaume de Raffin. He was the most French person I have ever seen in my life. They were from Paris and living in Shanghai for 5 months working on a management master’s degree.

I was suppose to meet Chris and Amanda there, but they were MIA. Eventually, I went to see if they were at Lucy’s and when I walked out I saw them walking towards me. We all went back upstairs and rejoined the French guys. Along with them, there were 3 Irish girls upstairs, so we all moved to one table and had some good conversation. The Irish lasses ordered dessert and I think Chris ate more of it then they did combined.

Chris and Amanda left, but I stayed for a bit longer. The French guys wanted to go to a club and dance. I was pretty tired and said I would pass. They weren’t having it, so I said I would go. While they were paying their bill I used the men’s room and when I came out I told them that a girl had just texted me and I had to go meet up with her. I think they were more excited than I would have been. Just to be clear, there was no text, or girl. There was however a bed waiting for me, and this fictitious girl was an easy way to get out of going to the club. All in all, it was a good night. Now I’m going to edit photos and listen to the new Ratatat album that I downloaded a few days ago. Until then…

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