A Magical Weekend…

By Dub W., Cultural Embrace Au Pair in Rome, Italy

This morning I went to run with Jelco… He had agreed to go with me, we just had some difficulties finding a good place to meet… we ended up deciding on Piazza del Popolo, then running to Villa Borghese. It was sprinkling when I got there (in my shorts, trainers, tshirt) and we decided to lock up his bike, then head for the run. We ran one of the routes I’d taken before, around a little corner of the park, then over to the Spanish Steps, down them, then back up… dodging people as we ran… then a quick sprint up the top of the hill, to finish the first half before taking a nice turn around the lake for the second… after we finished, sufficiently run down… we sat under a tree as it began to pour. Apparently, we looked like we knew where things were, we had at least 4 groups of people ask where something in the park was. (One group was from Texas University… I almost wanted to give them bad directions, but that would be mean. I’m not mean.) So I ran back to the bus stop that was closest and was completely soaked, cold as ice, and waiting for a bus. Luckily there was a small awning I could stand under, and the bus was fairly quick in coming (not a trend that would last the night). A warm shower hasn’t felt so good in SO long.

After the run, I stayed at the house for a while instead of going to a museum to listen to music… too much rain. I met Jelco and the girls at Pza del Popolo and we all headed to the futbol match. Udinese v. AS Roma… our seats were on the “corner” of the oval stadium and we had a great view of everything. I don’t think I’m ready for the ‘cheap’ seats, there’s a lot of screaming and waving and clapping, which I’d be fine with if I knew what they were screaming…maybe a few more games and I’ll figure it out(not likely). AS Roma won 2-0, a good match, AS Roma just seemed to have it all together, and a GREAT keeper.

After the game the plan was to go back home, change, then go out and dance/socialize. I waited for my bus for 1 hour. (While I was waiting I accidently told a group of guys from Norway the wrong way to go to get to the city centre… what, no one’s perfect.) Then I took the bus home and it took 2 hours to get there. UGH. I was so fed up with transit… I texted Jelco and told him I wasn’t going to make it out with them tonight…

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