Making Sense Of English

Since Semana Santa, things have been pretty scheduled with the exception of spending as much time outside as possible. During my last two classes at the cafe, we talked about Inventions and Superstitions. It’s certainly been a learning experience planning lessons for adults each week. I have a new respect for professors that tried to […]

Semana Santa Traditions

We’ll start off this blog with some candy. One of my classes I teach each week at a cafe covered traditions. The following week, one of my students brought me three big bags of typical Catalan Christmas candy! I felt so loved. I guess I’m at least an acceptable English teacher. The first were Almendras […]

Cross the Land You’ll Never Get Over…

By Amy, Work in Australia ….this is the slogan for the Great Southern Rail and I couldn’t agree more. What a journey it was! After spending a total of over 50 hours traveling by train over more than 4,600 kilometers (2,858 miles) from Melbourne to Adelaide and Adelaide to Perth, I’ve finally made it to […]

Adjustments and Culture

By Stephanie Pratt, Au Pair, France Sorry it’s been so long, I have no excuses except that I’m just living. My computer was broken though for a little while, but I think even if it was fixed I would have been distracted. Distracted is the perfect word for how I feel. I can’t concentrate on […]

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