Semana Santa Traditions

We’ll start off this blog with some candy. One of my classes I teach each week at a cafe covered traditions. The following week, one of my students brought me three big bags of typical Catalan Christmas candy! I felt so loved. I guess I’m at least an acceptable English teacher. The first were Almendras […]

Cross the Land You’ll Never Get Over…

By Amy, Work in Australia ….this is the slogan for the Great Southern Rail and I couldn’t agree more. What a journey it was! After spending a total of over 50 hours traveling by train over more than 4,600 kilometers (2,858 miles) from Melbourne to Adelaide and Adelaide to Perth, I’ve finally made it to […]

Adjustments and Culture

By Stephanie Pratt, Au Pair, France Sorry it’s been so long, I have no excuses except that I’m just living. My computer was broken though for a little while, but I think even if it was fixed I would have been distracted. Distracted is the perfect word for how I feel. I can’t concentrate on […]

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