Becoming an API Road Warrior

Where to begin? Well, it was my junior year at Washington State University. Although I was well into my major and minor, I was also still no closer to a career path than I was as an 18 year old freshman. Seriously, the real world started to creep up on me (as everyone said it […]

Rio del Tormes and Catedral de Salamanca

The river around Salamanca is called the Rio del Tormes, or Tormes River. I enjoyed walking across one of the bridges to go to the side of the river opposite from the cathedral. Salamanca’s cathedral is very unique because it has two towers. Salamanca had a cathedral, but then decided to build a new one […]

La Comida: Yummm

I have always enjoyed eating, but since learning that I was fructose intolerant eight years ago, I have become quite a foodie. I can’t continue to eat what I used to because of my eating limitations and travels, so I have become more open to trying new foods. I am going to do a bit […]

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