Come Together

When my parents first announced that we would be spending one day of their weeklong visit to Spain day-tripping to Gibraltar, I must admit, I was a bit underwhelmed. I knew precious little about the small British territory off the coast of Spain, and was only familiar with it because of its brief mention in […]

Ticket to Ride

Having spent a sufficient amount of time in Sevilla, Spain, I have finally begun to settle into the city as a Sevillana, as opposed to a tourist. Living here as a student, however, has presented itself as a bit of a challenge, and I’ve often found myself wondering how to make the most of my […]

Good Day, Sunshine

I am sitting outside, basking in the hot sun, music playing and book in hand. It is entirely reminiscent of a summer’s day back in Boston, except for the fact that it is late January. I am sunbathing on a rooftop terrace, catching bits and pieces of Spanish conversation as the locals pass by, and […]

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