I Flew Into A Work Of Art

I have always admired art, especially those pieces of art that portray the beauty of nature. Well, earlier this week I flew into Florence, Italy on a sunny afternoon and not only did the rolling hills, colorful rooftops, and unnaturally vibrant blue sky look like a painting, but it also felt like I was inside […]

Don’t Pass Me By

Heading into the home stretch of a study abroad is a scary thing. It is jarring to realize that the city you have studied, lived, and flourished in during the past few months will soon no longer be your home. Everyone – family, friends, teachers… – warned from the beginning that time would quickly pass you by, […]

We Can Work It Out

One of the best things about studying abroad is getting to participate in a variety of cultural immersion activities. Most recently, API gave its Sevilla students a chance to test out their artistic skills by trying their hand at tile working, a traditional art form in the Sevillano neighborhood of Triana. My participation in this […]

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