So far, studying abroad has been the biggest emotional rollercoaster in my life. What started as an incredible adventure from the moment I stepped onto my flight leaving Newark into the unknown, has turned into a severe outbreak of every possible sensation I could imagine. The final result was misery, an endless reoccurrence of being […]

Italian Adventures: Uncertainty At Its Finest

I had to fight falling asleep on the train ride to Milan. Every stop became more exhausting and every passenger in my cart who got off made the ride seem much longer. What was I thinking when I booked this trip? Four hours leaving at eight in the morning just for a seven hour day […]

Cherishing The Moment

I constantly have to remind myself that I have only been in Florence for two weeks when it has already felt like I have been here for two years. It is interesting how time can fly as fast as a bullet while at the same time seem like years have past instead of days. I […]

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