Strong Like The Duomo

On many warm weekday nights in Florence, you would find me sipping a drink at a local outdoor café within Piazza del Duomo. The warm breeze would put my thoughts to rest and the sight of the towering Duomo that stood before me would make it all seem real. Instead of fresh blue a symmetrical […]

Volunteering in Florence

I remember when I first landed in Florence I told myself that I was never going to pass up an opportunity that would let me embrace Italian culture. This state of mind lead to several situations such as trying to speak my weak Italian every where I went, tasting different types of Italian food, and […]

Dreaming is the New Reality

The aspect about studying abroad that continues to amaze me is how time has gone by so fast and the memory of me leaving home feels like yesterday. Although I am physically in my last few weeks of my journey, I am still mentally on the first day that I arrived in Italy. Time while […]

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