Capri, Venice, Milan, Oh My! – API Blog

Today’s post comes to us from API & University of Alabama student Anna Johnson! She’s just returning home from spending the fall semester abroad with us in Florence, Italy. We were inspired when we saw her personal blog and read about how much traveling she’s done! Today she’s sharing some of her favorite places in […]

Excursion To Verona, Italy

This weekend, API took us on a weekend trip to Padua, Venice, and Verona. All three of these places were gorgeous, but I think I may have left a piece of my heart in Verona. The Sunday that we set out for Verona didn’t start out looking very promising. The city had found a bomb […]

Ciao For Now

Saturday morning I was captivated by the sinking city of Venice. Open waters and sunshine instantly reminded me of home, ironically covered in snow at the moment. Stepping off of the boat, I breathed in deeply and let myself sink, too. I sunk into the feeling of openness as I looked out at the horizon. […]

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