API Study Abroad Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Demi Dahl, the fall 2014 API study abroad photo contest winner! Demi is a student at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, and has said that she plans to study abroad in Seville, Spain with API. Demi will receive an API swag package, including a $200 Amazon gift card to help her prepare for […]

Some Things Can Only Be Seen By The Results They Cause

Part I. Pre-Departure Some things can only be seen by the results they cause. At the young age of thirteen, I was diagnosed with a generally painful, self-limiting skeletal condition, which could be aggravated by physical activity and long periods of standing and sitting. However, I told my doctor that I didn’t feel any pain […]

First Day in Paris

For once, the plane didn’t have a crying baby on it. That had to be my first time flying without a crying or screaming child in, well, ever. Unfortunately, the television screens didn’t work, but I had brought several books to keep me company. As a twenty-year old traveler who has only flown a handful […]

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