A Trip To Munich

As we drew closer to the airport for landing in Munich, Germany I could only see green plains and fields for miles out my window. There were barely any roads and the ones I did see barely had any cars on them. Once we got into our taxi to head to our hostel, I just […]

An Amazing Weekend in Corfu

Looking down on Corfu, Greece from the airplane, I could feel my adrenaline spike from excitement. We were about 5 minutes from landing and I was thinking about how I have never seen such a blue ocean in my life. With buildings of all different colors lining the coast, the panoramic view looked like a […]


“How did you guys hear about this place?” A local woman at the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, an hour and a half outside of Athens city, confusedly asked us. “Our taxi driver brought us here.” ———————————— Greece. Somewhere I’ve only ever visited in my dreams but this past weekend I finally experienced it as reality. Booking a […]

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