Los Últimos Saludos

Time is short. Like one more day short. It is only tradition to meet with all your faves before you depart to reminisce on fond memories and make new ones. It is also only natural to take a long stroll down the streets that you have walked every day to and from the beach. And […]

Patagonia, Chile: Welcome to the End of the World

This past weekend as an ode to my last full weekend abroad in Chile, I decided to finally make the trip to Patagonia. Patagonia is in the south of Chile…like the end of the world, south of Chile. It even has its own region known as the Chilean Antarctica. It’s quite ironic that the north […]

Bienvenido A Concepcion

La Colecta Nacional I now have two full weekends before I depart for the States. And what better way to spend the weekends than in the south of Chile with your Chilean best friend? I couldn’t think of any other way to make memorable, lasting memories. To place the cherry on top of the ice […]

Where the Sea Meets the Land

My time in Chile is dwindling down, but my exploration of Chile and the need to create new adventures have not. This past week, Chile celebrated a feriado, a holiday where all shops, from big to small, are closed in order to allow working Chileans to hold a demonstration. These demonstrations are held to protest […]

Ciao, Bella

I settle into a chair at a round table occupied with unfamiliar faces, other than my best friend from school who had joined me on this wild ride of a semester. Everyone makes polite small talk, all in awe of where we are. As I sit in the dining room of the hotel my first […]

Isla Negra and Pomaire: Tierras de las Hermosas

Isla Negra, la casa del poet Famoso Pablo Neruda. Studying abroad with a program includes visiting famous and remarkable spots in your country of choice. Which is exactly what we did when we went to see the beautiful house of Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra. Pablo Neruda is a famous poet known across the world […]

It’s Time To Give Back

It has been three months since my landing in Chile and each day I become more entranced by its beauty, language and culture, and the people. Naturally, I want to give back to the place that has allowed me to experience a South American lifestyle, learn its language while tasting the traditional food and dancing […]

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