Five Ways Study Abroad Has Changed Me

Now that my program has come to an end, it’s time for the obligatory post on how I changed as a person due to going abroad. Studying abroad has an impact on your character whether you like to think so or not. The people you meet, the exposure to new things, and the overall knowledge […]

Bad Experiences When Travelling with Friends

It’s easy to ‘make friends.’ But you can’t tell who is really your friend until you travel with them. When travelling with people, you get the sense of their character because you can see how they respond to different environments, situations, and problems. As I have learned from travelling with a few others this past […]

Transportation and Airports

Many students study abroad in Europe with the intention of travelling to other European countries. Plane tickets are very affordable, especially if you buy them ahead of time. For example, I booked a roundtrip ticket in advance from Rome to London for only 96 euros for a weekend. That is about 120 dollars, isn’t that […]

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