Ich Vermisse Dich Deutschland

My first week of being home was amazing. The relief of being surrounded by the familiar was a convenience I hadn’t realized I kind of missed. I could go back to the days of auto piloting without having to consider if I was on the right street or in which direction I should be going. […]

Letter to Berlin

My time in Berlin for my spring semester is finally over and the word bittersweet doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings. I’ve learned so much and experienced so many new things, it’s hard to gather my collective thoughts on the last four months. The best way I thought to leave Berlin was through an […]

Keeping the Study Abroad Spirit Alive

It has been one year since I returned from my semester abroad in Florence, Italy at Lorenzo de’ Medici. I embarked on a journey to learn the Italian language and immerse myself in the culture of my heritage. When I reminisce, I realize that one year has flow by extremely fast. I have been back […]

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