Bare-Bones Backpacking

During the weeks before and after my exams at Trinity, I took two separate backpacking trips to mainland Europe. Largely dictated by the small budget I had, I found the experience of minimalistic traveling exhilarating and a welcome challenge. I often found myself contemplating the boxes of things sitting in my closet back in Arkansas, […]

The Importance of Being Uncertain

I come to you today, dear readers, from my latest discovery: Oolong Flower Power. Think the most comforting room in your grandmother’s house, and then add the lingering, delicate smell of hundreds of jarred tea leaves racked up against the walls and the sound of unobtrusive chillstep music in the background. They have a plethora […]

Scotland: Take Two

I surpassed a significant personal milestone this past week by planning and undertaking my first trip abroad- completely alone. From the very start of my Irish experience here, I knew I wanted to make this plunge. However, to say that all my fears and apprehensions of what could go wrong were immediately cast away would […]

Caution: This Post Is All About Delicious Food

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Dublin is preparing for its biggest celebration of the year. There will be music, dancing, and copious amounts of both drinking and the color green. I am very thankful to be able to share this holiday with my dad, who flew in early last Thursday morning to […]

Kilts and Frites

In the spirit of mixing it up, I’ve chosen a new café to write in again. This time it’s Sister Sadie, right down the road from me on South Circular Road. The space is absolutely buzzing on a Saturday, and seems more like the place to jump-start your senses for the day than a writer’s […]

A Trip To Belfast

Let’s add a little context to this blog post, shall we? I am on an active search to find a spot of sanctuary in this vast city- somewhere to duck into and pass several enjoyable hours working. Today, I’m tucked away on the second floor of Kaph on Drury Street in the Creative Quarter of […]

Redrawing Your Path

The one thing you will never accurately read on a study abroad blog is a testimonial about how easy it is. The choice to pick yourself up and find a second home in a foreign environment is akin to pulling a seedling plant from the soil and placing it in a rockier part of a […]

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