Visiting Tuscania

Okay, so after that first really rough day in Rome fresh off the plane, I was in need on some Italian TLC. Luckily, the super charming and adorable town of Tuscania had exactly what I needed! Just to remind everyone, Tuscania is a real town, not a misspelling of the Tuscany region. It’s about and […]

Making A Plan B

Dear Dee, My last trip before leaving for home started horribly. We missed our train and had to pay extra to get there in time for the hotel. Has this ever happened to you? How did you handle it? Because all I did was freak out. Sincerely, PANICKED This situation sounds very familiar. I went […]

Dealing With Stress

Dear Dee, I have gray hair! No, really. I am so stressed as everything is coming to a close this semester. More stressed than I have been in a long time and I am at my breaking point. Have you reached yours? If so, what have you done to overcome all the stress? Sincerely, SERIOUSLY […]

Ask Dee: Staying Motivated & Organized

Dear Dee, I had a blast during my fall break! Thanks for all the tips; it was enriching and relaxing because I became so organized in how I planned my adventures! I was hoping you could share some secrets about how you stay motivated and organized after such a long break. After this first week […]

Ask Dee: How Do I Make The Most of My Time?

Dear Dee, Midterms just finished and fall break is about to start. There are so many places I could visit in Europe and Italy! I don’t know how to choose. How do I make the most of my time? What would you recommend? Sincerely, EXCITED Dear EXCITED, Studying in Europe gives us the chance to […]

API Spring 2015 Study Abroad Deadlines Extended – Part 2

The following programs with deadlines of October 15th have been extended to October 30th: 3 Cities, Italy (Tuscania, Rome, Venice) Semester Program (Lorenzo de’Medici: The Italian International Institute) Barcelona, Spain Language and Culture (University of Barcelona) Bilbao, Spain Business, International Relations, and Spanish Language (University of Deusto) Spanish Language and Culture (University of Deusto) Studio Arts (University […]

Ask Dee

Dear Dee, I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy. And now that my bags are by the door, I realize that I am leaving my home for a whole new country! I am nervous and excited. What would be the one piece of advice that you would give to me and others who are considering […]

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