Seven Wonders of Istanbul

Merhaba! This past weekend, I celebrated my Taylor Swift birthday year (22!) with a trip to Istanbul, Turkey! Visiting Istanbul, the fifth largest city in the world, has been on my bucket list for years and I was thrilled to finally get the chance to go. From my trip, I compiled a list of the […]

International Group Service Trips

Cultural Embrace by API is happy to announce our 2013 Group Service Trips! Interested participants can choose from a diverse set of options, including: 1-week or 2-week group service group trips to Guatemala in January, spring break, and over the summer (multiple date options) A 2-week summer group service trip to South Africa (June 9 […]

The Beat, the Beat Goes On ~ By Freida Blostein (2012), ROHS Alumnus & CE Group Traveler

The Whirling Dervishes:  they twirl and spin, and they are not dancers. They are devotees, practicing the Islamic branch of Sufism, taking cue from 13th century poet-leader Rumi. Sufism does not preach, Sufism sings, sings of love and a life lived artistically. The dervishes twist to the inner song of ney (flute), the beat of Islam. To Love […]

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