Student Traveling in Europe: Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Time on a Minimal Budget

My first trip was to London and I had an incredible time traveling outside of the country, but there are a few things I wish I had done differently. Here are a few things I learned from my first weekend traveling across Europe. Packing Tips. Pack the night before. I cannot stress this point enough […]

Blog for CE by API!

We are now accepting applications for our spring 2014 blogger program! About the CE by API Blogger Program: Does travel writing, photography, and/or videography strike your fancy? If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to share your overseas experiences with the world while receiving professional training & feedback, the CE by API  Blogger Program is […]

Staying Connected

Back two and a half weeks and I have been in touch (via Facebook or Skype) with my friends in Guate every day! Every single day, I have changed my language to think in, write and speak Spanish! How awesome! Antigua is a city full of tourists and for the locals it can be easy […]

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