Beep! Beep!

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa Traffic is CRAZY!! Only some of the roads are paved, and most of them are only two lanes. There is no system or driving laws. All you need is a drivers license and the courage to navigate through the chaos. The main mode of transportaion is riding a […]

Swahili Lesson in Mid – Air

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa It is Friday April 2, 2010 at 5:15pm. I am on the plane to Nairobi with about 4 hours left to go. Outside the window is this amazing view of the Sahara Desert. It seems to go on forever even at 37,000ft. How long would it seem if […]

What are the kids like?

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa I am at the airport and wondering about the kids. What are they like? What are they doing right now? It is about 7pm in the evening there, so I imagine they are doing homework, and making dinner. I pray they are healthy and growing strong. I pray […]

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