Day With A Monk

By Laura, Cultural Embrace Teach in Thailand As I mentioned in my last post, our encounter with Supat the monk would determine our plans for the week ahead. Supat called early on Tuesday to arrange for us to come and visit his university. After school on Thursday, we were picked up by his driver and taken […]

Loving Life In Thailand

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  Everyone told us it would take about 3 months to feel settled and “at home” here in Thailand. Well, they were right. It’s really starting to hit us how much we are going to miss it here. Life is so laid back and worry free that it makes it […]

A Day in the life of a Foreign English Teacher

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  It’s 6:00 AM and we are awakened not only by our alarm clocks but by the sounds of roosters crowing all around us, geckos making their mating calls, numerous stray dogs barking at each other, and our neighbors goose that likes to squawk all day long. 7:00 AM and […]

The Simple Life in Thailand

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  Let’s see, it’s been about 3 weeks since my last update on our lives. I will do my best to cram it all in here without boring you too much. We have had dinner a few different times with some of our Thai friends now. They are so generous […]

The Latest Update

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  Last weekend was a three day weekend because of the Kings birthday. The Kings birthday is a very serious holiday here and is celebrated for 9 days straight. At work we were required to wear pink for 9 days in honor of the King. This is because the last […]

The Thai Way

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  Many times you will hear us foreigners say “I am going to do it the Thai way” This is because Thai people do things differently than we would do back home, (obviously) but it is funny to us, so we say let’s do it the Thai way. For example: […]

Our Little Town Called Phrae

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  Not much is new this week. Joey and I stayed in our town this weekend. We are finally starting to get into a routine now. Can you believe we have already been here one month? Crazy! This weekend we went exploring on our motor bike though the mountains. It […]

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