Teacher Connections: Staying On

In this post from API’s “Teacher Connections” series, Cordelia, a current teacher in Colombia, writes about her time abroad. Life can be overwhelming, right? This past spring in the U.S. was quite a challenge for me, personally and professionally. After graduating university over a year ago, I had wanted to travel again (after living in […]

Teacher Connections: Taking Care Of You

In this post from API’s “Teacher Connections” series, Tyler, a current teacher in Colombia and API study abroad alum, talks about the importance of self-care. Note from API – Tyler studied Psychology at Southern Oregon University before going on to work as a Mentor in a residential behavioral and addiction treatment program. During his college […]

Teacher Connections: Live

In this post from API’s “Teacher Connections” series, Casey, a current teacher in Colombia, shares his personal story. Hello all, my name is Casey and I have been living in Colombia for close to 4 months. My story is a little different, but I will start it like this. I was an orphan of Colombian […]

Teacher Connections: Colombian Food

In this first post of API’s new “Teacher Connections” series, Tyler, an API study abroad alum and current teacher in Colombia, gives us some insider info on popular local cuisine. Over the last two months, I’ve learned a lot about Colombia. From their numerous dances that make me look like I have two left feet, […]

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