Why Gaining Weight Should NOT Be A Concern While Abroad

When you think of Italy, you automatically think of food (among other key words). With cibo [food] being such large part of the Italian culture, I am constantly surrounded by authentic and good-quality piatti [meals]. Also, in addition to endless amount of restaurants at Taormina, I also live with a host family whom definitely know […]

Coping with Goodbyes

For a person who loves to travel and who dislikes monotony, goodbyes become part of the job description. When I left for Florence two years ago, I had to say goodbye to my friends and family who I won’t wouldn’t see for a year. When the semesters ended in Florence, I had to say goodbye […]

I Am Not One Bit Italian

When applying to colleges, I never thought I would become enamored with another country. I chose my college, Marist College, because I fell in love with the campus and the faculty. Upon further research, I discovered that Marist has a branch campus in Florence, Italy. After I committed to the college, I spontaneously applied for […]

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