Lost in Translation

The Italian language is perhaps the most beautiful language in terms of sound. Some Italian grammar rules are solely based on the harmony of letters. But besides the melody, Italian words often have a colloquial meaning and history–most of which lose their meaning in translation. Below are some of my favorite words in Italian. These […]

The Road Less Traveled: 7 Secrets of Florence

When visiting Florence, the typical sights include Piazza Signora, Il Duomo, the Lucky Boar, and the Ponte Vecchio. But what about the hidden gems of the Tuscan city? What about the road less traveled? After living in Florence for a year, I have collected a few secrets of the birthplace of the Renaissance. Define “good” […]

Why Gaining Weight Should NOT Be A Concern While Abroad

When you think of Italy, you automatically think of food (among other key words). With cibo [food] being such large part of the Italian culture, I am constantly surrounded by authentic and good-quality piatti [meals]. Also, in addition to endless amount of restaurants at Taormina, I also live with a host family whom definitely know […]

Coping with Goodbyes

For a person who loves to travel and who dislikes monotony, goodbyes become part of the job description. When I left for Florence two years ago, I had to say goodbye to my friends and family who I won’t wouldn’t see for a year. When the semesters ended in Florence, I had to say goodbye […]

I Am Not One Bit Italian

When applying to colleges, I never thought I would become enamored with another country. I chose my college, Marist College, because I fell in love with the campus and the faculty. Upon further research, I discovered that Marist has a branch campus in Florence, Italy. After I committed to the college, I spontaneously applied for […]


My first day studying abroad started with loads of anxiety and culture shock. When my plane first arrived to the Catania airport, I quickly exited the plane. After looking at the time, I realized I was late and no longer made the cut to be transported by API. Needless to say, I was panicking. I […]


Flight one is complete, now I’m currently sitting in the Detroit airport. I found a quiet space, pulled out my laptop, and prepared to camp out during this 6 hour layover. Then it hit me. At this time tomorrow, I’ll be in Taormina. All of my planning, hard work, and stress has now come to […]

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