Take Your Internship Abroad! [Upcoming Deadlines]

We’ve talked about this on the blog before… taking your internship abroad provides you with valuable experience and a great way to grow your resume. If you’ve been waiting for a fun challenge, this is your chance. Deadlines are coming up for many of our spring 2020 Internship placements.

My Experience While Abroad: Kyle in Sydney

This post comes to us from Sydney study abroad student, Kyle. Kyle studied abroad in Australia from York College of Pennsylvania. “Hello, my name is Kyle Bishop and I recently studied abroad in Sydney, Australia through Academic Programs International (API). I enjoyed going through the API program very much because of the experiences that they have […]

Destined for Sydney

In exactly one week I’ll be on a plane out of Richmond, Virginia destined for Sydney, Australia. I’m so excited, yet anxious at the same time! We just had a massive storm that dumped 18 inches of snow, so needless to say I cannot wait to be soaking up the sun down under. On the other […]

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