Parsons Paris Faculty Spotlight – Yong Andersson

For some drawing students, there is no better backdrop for growing your portfolio than Paris! That’s why many budding artists apply for Parsons Paris’ prestigious summer programs. Enrolling at Parsons Paris provides students with the opportunity to grow their portfolio in a diverse and artistic city. In addition, students learn from some of the absolute […]

Top Ten Reasons to Spend Your Summer Abroad

Thinking about going abroad this summer, but need some extra convincing?  Look no further than our list.  Here are the top ten reasons why you should be spending your summer somewhere else!   1.  Learn (and actually use) a foreign language: Studying a language in the real world is a completely different experience from studying […]

Want to study abroad this summer? There’s still time!

Aspire by API has recently announced a deadline extension on its summer programs in England and France! That means you still have a chance to spend the summer exploring the streets of Paris, or discovering the spots where or inspiration struck the United Kingdom’s greatest writers.  All the while, you’ll be learning firsthand about different […]

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