Normandy – Brittany Excursion

This past weekend we had an overnight excursion to the regions of Normandy and Brittany, northwest of Paris. Our first stop on Saturday was in Caen to visit the World War II D-Day Memorial. We watched an informative and interesting film depicting the preparations for and launching of the D-Day attack. We then went to […]

Dining in Paris – A few tips!

The following is from David Lebovitz, a famous pastry chef who lives in Paris and has a wonderful food blog: Visiting and dining in Paris all boils down to one rule: How You Get Treated is Directly Proportional to the Way that you Behave and Present Yourself. So don’t be afraid to dress a […]

Coping with ‘Culture Shock’

“There really is only so much you can do to prepare for culture shock. However, you can learn about the culture of the country, including such things as personal space, body language, gender roles, what housing is like, how people use electricity, and the stereotypes they have of your culture versus the ones we have […]

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