Ne Razumijem Hrvatski

If your first week in a new place doesn’t bring with it a certain degree of uncomfortableness, you are doing something wrong. And yes, I meant “uncomfortableness” not “discomfort”. “Discomfort” is too final and too gloomy for what I want to say. Discomfort endangers the traveler because it too often drags fear behind it; but […]

Join us for a Summer Like No Other — in Paris!

What are your plans for the summer?  How would you like to spend your summer trying out all types of delicious French foods–from croissants, to crêpes, to café? How about studying the French language at a real Parisian university, and practicing your skills after class in the Métro and outdoor markets? What about visiting world-famous […]

Are You the Next Aspire by API Student Blogger?

We are now accepting applications for our winter/spring 2014 student blogger program!   About the Aspire by API Student Blogger Program: Does travel writing, photography, and/or videography strike your fancy? If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to share your overseas experiences with the world while receiving professional training & feedback, the Aspire by API […]

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