What They Don’t Tell You

If you’re like me, traveling abroad makes you nervous because no one tells you exactly what you should bring. I could probably fit into my suitcase, but it still doesn’t feel big enough. You’re on your own. No one tells you how exciting it can be to plan for your new life living in another […]

Condolences for Bates College Student

API was terribly sorry to hear of the loss of Bates College student and study abroad participant, John Durkin, who was taking part in a Trinity College program in Rome, Italy. ย Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends. API will continue to monitor the situation as more details become available, and […]

Overrated Transportation

For all of you that have owned your own car, you know the special bond that you can form with it almost immediately after you buy it. It becomes part of you, you treat it like your baby and you spend your hard earned money keeping it full of gas, clean as a whistle and […]

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