British Candy Quest

The season of red roses, Cadbury chocolates, and, for some, a little too much Ben and Jerry’s is among us. Happy belated Valentine’s Day, everyone! I sincerely hope you all enjoyed your “Hallmark Holiday” and spent the cliché evening toasting to an infinite love over a glass of champagne, followed by a delicate dessert of […]

An Intensive Language Course

I applaud everyone who makes the effort to blend in upon their arrival to their new host country. Although in America we are taught how to stand out from our peers, blending in in your new home is more about learning the local customs and embracing them as our own than becoming invisible. The little […]

How Embarrassing…

It was my first night meeting my host family, and with the nervousness raging through me, I could barely talk. Our host mother called out her two sons to come meet us, and Jaime and Nacho (short for Ignacio) extend the Spanish way of saying hello: a slight hug with the motion of a kiss […]

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