Coming to live in a different country is a pretty overwhelming thing, especially if you’re like me and came completely alone. At my university back at home I, like many other people, have specific spots on campus that I deem as my favorite. I go to a fairly large school and it can take you […]

5 Reasons Why Your Gap Year Will Better Prepare You For College

Not everyone understood where I was coming from when I told them I wanted to take a gap year.  They thought I was just stalling on going to college, or maybe that I wouldn’t end up going at all.  But I knew that wasn’t the case, and what I found was that my gap year […]

Ireland and Back Again

You know that feeling when you come home from a long trip? You are tired and hungry, and just can’t wait for your house to come into view. That feeling of familiarity and security that wraps around you when you step through the door and you finally exhale. I spent the weekend in Ireland which […]

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