Catania Fish Market: The Beauty of Authenticity

Before visiting the city of Catania, I had already heard a lot about it. For the most part, fellow students and travelers did not sound impressed. It’s ugly, it’s dirty, it’s busy, and so on. I even heard someone say, “I wouldn’t recommend it.” Despite all that, one aspect of Catania consistently got rave reviews: […]

Semana Santa Hits Sevilla

From the moment I stepped off the bus in my neighborhood after a weekend getaway to Amsterdam, (Oh the study abroad life!) I immediately knew that this week would be different. The Sevillanos, never ones to skimp when it comes to style, had outdone themselves. Men were clad in suits despite the heat, and the […]

Mishaps & Memories

  I always say that some of the best study abroad stories arise when things go wrong. Unexpected incidents, failed plans, and general disasters will endlessly entertain you and your loved ones. Who wants to return home only able to say that they had a nice time? I want adventures! I stand firmly by this […]

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