Best Of Both Worlds

During this past weekend, I had the very fortunate experience of visiting my friend and teammate, Molly in Grenoble, France. Like me, Molly is studying abroad for a semester and has had the time of her life experiencing the new culture and making new friends with the locals. While in France, Molly and I hiked […]

Churros Churros and More Churros

As a study abroad student, one might think that all I do is plan my travels to other locations. While I do plan on traveling throughout Europe, one of my main goals was to improve my understanding of the Spanish culture and attempt to become a Sevillana. To do so I decided to become a […]

A Spring “Break from the Ordinary”

If you spent or plan to spend your spring break escaping life’s daily stresses and monotony by lounging around the house or by the pool, exerting only the minimal effort necessary to reach over and pry a drink from your cooler, rest easy –  you’re just like the rest of us. But as it would […]

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