Fast Food Sicilian Style

I love Italy for an infinite number of reasons, but the cuisine definitely tops the list. Italians know how to enjoy life and they definitely know how to eat. Living with a host family has given me the opportunity to dine like a true Italian every evening. We sit around the table together, taking our […]

Semana Santa Traditions

I am a true believer that food is the most important part of a culture, besides the language of course. While in America we have the option to choose food from all over the world. You can have Italian, Mexican or Chinese all in the same day if you want. This is an opportunity that […]

Don’t Pass Me By

Heading into the home stretch of a study abroad is a scary thing. It is jarring to realize that the city you have studied, lived, and flourished in during the past few months will soon no longer be your home. Everyone – family, friends, teachers… – warned from the beginning that time would quickly pass you by, […]

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