The Tallest Person for Miles: A Teaching English Abroad Profile (Part 1)

“Traffic in Vietnam is quite the thrilling experience. It never stops moving – in every direction.” Dustin Gerding, a Teach in Vietnam participant has recently arrived in his new host city, one of Vietnam’s capital cities, Vihn. Dustin has agreed to share his experience with CE by API as we begin to profile the individual […]

The Greatest Fundraiser I Have Ever Seen

Photo credit to API students Camille & Ivan In February, I went with my program to the small college town of Salamanca. One afternoon, my friends and I were passing through the Plaza Mayor when we saw a large crowd gathering in the center of the plaza. The event was held by Pyfano, an organization […]

Arabesques at la Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Arabesque- a form of Islamic art used first in the 9th century consisting of intersecting lines and curving “tendrils” in repeating sections as a form of surface decoration a ballet position where one leg is the body’s base and the other extends behind the dancer (arabesque penchée* includes the upper body moving downward vertically as […]

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