French Stereotypes – Vrai ou Faux?

Today’s blog post comes to us from UW-Platteville student & #APIabroad blogger Andi Fuerst. She’s studying abroad with us in Grenoble, France and today she’s diving in to French stereotypes… and why they’re false!

Bullfighting And Gun Control: Controversy Up Close

Cultural differences have been on everyone’s mind since the moment we arrived. Actually, if I’m being honest, they’ve been on my mind since before I got to Sevilla. Back in April when I was still at the University of Tampa we had a ‘cultural orientation’. They aimed to inform us on differences we would encounter […]

So True, So False

Bonjour ร  tous! Being that I am mostly in class with international students, one topic we often talk about is stereotypes. It is really very interesting to hear others initial expectations of Paris, France in general, and compare them to my own. Speaking with my classmates who hail from all over Asia, Europe, South America, […]

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