Don’t Blink

Life couldn’t be better after a month back in the States. I live five minutes from the beach, I love my waitressing job, I go on adventures with my boyfriend (or watch Scrubs on Netflix), and I am now a published writer in the magazine “South Shore Living”. I began my internship there three days […]

The Perks of Making Connections with People Around the World

This is a bit of a late post, but I really wanted to share with you my trip to Finland because it was one of my favorite trips during my time here in Europe. People may wonder why I chose to go to Finland because it’s not a very popular destination, kind of like Krakow! […]

A Break From Travelling: Two Weeks Enjoying Kraków

It has been an exciting two weeks enjoying Kraków. It’s nice to take a break from travelling for a little while to enjoy a little more of what your “home” city has to offer, and there’s always something to do in Kraków! The past two weeks have been filled with fun events, celebrations, festivals, and […]

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