A Weekend in Compiègne

Before I left for Paris, one of my best friends from back home brought up the fact that she had some cousins who lived in Compiègne, a cute French town 45 minutes outside of Paris (I know, small world, right?).  She gave me the necessary contact information, and I was able to easily get in […]

The Unexpected Value of Solitude

The first week in your new host country can be a bit hectic: you have been suddenly thrown into a completely unfamiliar environment, left to haul remnants of your old life into a foreign home or apartment, meet a throng of new people (whose names you will definitely not remember), all the while attempting to […]

Goal-Setting: Prepping for My Semester Abroad

At the time of this writing, I will be heading off to Paris, France to start what I predict will be the most life-changing and challenging semesters of my life in a mere ten (10?!) days.  Seeing that my departure date is coming clearer and clearer into view, it is about high time that I […]

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