Last-Minute Tips for Preparing for Spring Break

For students studying at the ICP through API, spring break officially starts after class tomorrow. Like many, I have taken full advantage of the two weeks off by planning trips to Germany, Denmark, and England. By the time spring break rolls around, students will have been in their host countries for about two months, so […]

The Importance of Staying in the Moment

As I was in the midst of mapping out my plans for this coming summer (and going a little crazy doing so), I suddenly stopped myself. Why, I wondered, am I already thinking about my future when I am currently in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, having an experience of a […]

Ça veut dire quoi en anglais?

One of the reasons that I chose the API French Language and Culture Program is the teaching internship that is offered, where students have a chance to teach English to elementary, middle, or high school French students.  The academic credit is optional, but I knew that I would be foolish not to take advantage of […]

A Weekend in Compiègne

Before I left for Paris, one of my best friends from back home brought up the fact that she had some cousins who lived in Compiègne, a cute French town 45 minutes outside of Paris (I know, small world, right?).  She gave me the necessary contact information, and I was able to easily get in […]

The Unexpected Value of Solitude

The first week in your new host country can be a bit hectic: you have been suddenly thrown into a completely unfamiliar environment, left to haul remnants of your old life into a foreign home or apartment, meet a throng of new people (whose names you will definitely not remember), all the while attempting to […]

Goal-Setting: Prepping for My Semester Abroad

At the time of this writing, I will be heading off to Paris, France to start what I predict will be the most life-changing and challenging semesters of my life in a mere ten (10?!) days.  Seeing that my departure date is coming clearer and clearer into view, it is about high time that I […]

Don’t Blink

Life couldn’t be better after a month back in the States. I live five minutes from the beach, I love my waitressing job, I go on adventures with my boyfriend (or watch Scrubs on Netflix), and I am now a published writer in the magazine “South Shore Living”. I began my internship there three days […]

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