Study Spanish in Mendoza – API Program Spotlight

Mendoza, Argentina is best known for its charcoal-grilled meats and bustling wine industry. It’s also home to the Universidad de Congreso, and one of API’s amazing study abroad programs! Our Society, Development & Spanish Language program is a fantastic option for students who want a variety of classes and also want to hone in on […]

Mmmmm No Entiendo…

I have been in Cuba for exactly a month now and reflecting back on my first few days, I realize how much more comfortable I feel here after just a month. I feel more confident talking to new people, walking around by myself, going to the university, getting taxis, etc. However, one thing I am […]

Awestruck: Elizabeth Explores the Sagrada Familia

This morning I woke up at 6:45 to get to La Sagrada Familia early. Every Saturday in January is free entrance into the Church. It was still pitch black out when Julie, my roommate Molly, and I left to meet our other friend Hillary at a café across from the metro stop down the street […]

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