Highlights from Bilbao

This post comes to us from Blanche Froelich who is currently studying abroad in Bilbao, Spain. Blanche is a Visual Arts major at Bowdoin College.  It has now been one month since I arrived in Spain. How strange it is that an entire month, a ninth of my, and nearly a quarter of most of my […]

Alumni Interview: Brandon Fong Part II

We recently had the chance to connect with API Alumnus, Brandon Fong. Brandon studied abroad with API in Seville his spring semester. He is a Spanish language, Business and Applied Sciences major from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. In addition, to a study abroad and travel enthusiast, Brandon is also impressively a published author! You can view […]

Hello from Bilbao!

This post comes from Briana Stregiel, currently studying in Bilbao, Spain. Briana is a student at the University of Tampa and is an International Business and Marketing major.  As I said my goodbyes to my little room in Wisconsin, the thoughts of new hellos tugged at my ear. I was about to begin my adventure […]

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