When All Goes Wrong, Don’t Let It

“You should study abroad,” they said. “You’ll see amazing places,” they said. “You’ll make brand new friends,” they said. True…but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, things go wrong when studying abroad. We get mad because we have this dream of our time away being a wonderful oasis of grand moments with fantastic people. It […]

Kilts and Frites

In the spirit of mixing it up, I’ve chosen a new café to write in again. This time it’s Sister Sadie, right down the road from me on South Circular Road. The space is absolutely buzzing on a Saturday, and seems more like the place to jump-start your senses for the day than a writer’s […]

Barcelona As A First-Time Solo Traveler

Before I start my quarter abroad in Paris, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Barcelona, Spain. I packed a ton of sightseeing and experiences into my (too short) week in Barcelona. One of the biggest “firsts” I’ve had in Barcelona is staying in a hostel. While it was lonely at first, in […]

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