After A Weekend In Greece

Cooper Copeland is a student at the University of Southern California and an official API Student Blogger. Cooper is studying abroad with API this summer in Florence, Italy. It’s a battle between degrees and mosquitos here in Florence—a variation on “Hunger Games,” if you will. In this city, which is basically a medieval baking oven […]

The Thai Way

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  Many times you will hear us foreigners say “I am going to do it the Thai way” This is because Thai people do things differently than we would do back home, (obviously) but it is funny to us, so we say let’s do it the Thai way. For example: […]

Our Little Town Called Phrae

By Tracy W., Teach in Thailand  Not much is new this week. Joey and I stayed in our town this weekend. We are finally starting to get into a routine now. Can you believe we have already been here one month? Crazy! This weekend we went exploring on our motor bike though the mountains. It […]

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