[NEW PROGRAMS] Take a Maymester Abroad

Have you heard the great news? API is launching FIVE new Maymester programs for students in 2020!

I Am Not One Bit Italian

When applying to colleges, I never thought I would become enamored with another country. I chose my college, Marist College, because I fell in love with the campus and the faculty. Upon further research, I discovered that Marist has a branch campus in Florence, Italy. After I committed to the college, I spontaneously applied for […]

Catania Fish Market: The Beauty of Authenticity

Before visiting the city of Catania, I had already heard a lot about it. For the most part, fellow students and travelers did not sound impressed. It’s ugly, it’s dirty, it’s busy, and so on. I even heard someone say, “I wouldn’t recommend it.” Despite all that, one aspect of Catania consistently got rave reviews: […]

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