Reflections from the Rich Coast

Spending the last 6 weeks in Costa Rica has been quite an experience. I have learned a lot about their culture, I have met some awesome people, I have seen some really cool places and I have tried some amazing food. Below are reflections from my time here. Some things I probably will not miss […]

Sickness, Hormigas & Beaches

I write this blog post from the comfort of my host mamá tica’s house. Well, much more comfortable now than I was this weekend. Right when I was beginning to think I might make it through this study abroad adventure without becoming sick, I was fortunate enough to experience the consequences of some food I […]

Life In Costa Rica

Hola! I’ve been in Costa Rica for about 12 days now. It feels like I have been here much longer though. I think that’s partly because I have seen so many new and different places in such a short period. I have explored San Jose (the capital), San Joaquin, Heredia, Cartago (Costa Rica’s first capital), […]

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