Re-Learning to be a Normal U.S. Citizen

Well, friends…fans…cats who happened to stop by this page while using the computer to complete world domination plans in the absence of your human owners who foolishly decided to leave you home alone to go grocery shopping at Walmart… I’m home. Back in the good ol’ Mitten. Just kidding. Michigan doesn’t look like this in […]

I Will See You Soon Italy

Every second that passed on the airplane I was being taken farther away from my new found love, Firenze, and being taken back to my homeland. Here I am in the airport… finally back on American soil after 5 months in astonishing Europe. My emotions are mixed with happiness, sadness, excitement, relief, and discontentment. If I can handle […]

A Goodbye To Galway

I’ll be honest. The procrastination of writing this last blog post has been epic. And it’s not that I’ve been too lazy, it’s just that this last post feels like an unwelcome finality of some sort—a finality signifying the end of this amazing experience. My last official day in Galway was May 15th. However, the […]

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