Returning home with mixed emotions – API Blog

Today’s blog post comes to us from new API alumni, Josh Weaver! He just returned from spending a semester abroad with us in Seville, Spain. With mixed emotions, I am back home in Darlington this week! It has been a crazy past week of goodbyes and traveling a few thousand miles over a period of […]

Don’t Blink

Life couldn’t be better after a month back in the States. I live five minutes from the beach, I love my waitressing job, I go on adventures with my boyfriend (or watch Scrubs on Netflix), and I am now a published writer in the magazine “South Shore Living”. I began my internship there three days […]

Ich Vermisse Dich Deutschland

My first week of being home was amazing. The relief of being surrounded by the familiar was a convenience I hadn’t realized I kind of missed. I could go back to the days of auto piloting without having to consider if I was on the right street or in which direction I should be going. […]

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